How to choose the right projector?

by LiYaoyang on September 27, 2023

How to choose the right projector?

For customers who are buying a projector for the first time, choosing a suitable projector is not a simple matter. 

If the projector is not bright enough, the projection effect is sometimes unsatisfactory.

If you choose a projector with too high a wattage, you may waste some of your budget.

This article will tell you how to choose the right projector.

There are three factors that affect the projection effect: LOGO color, projection distance and ambient brightness(Remember that the projected pattern cannot be exposed to direct sunlight).

Among them, the latter two factors have a greater impact on.

So let’s choose a projector.

Refer to the picture below, please first find the number of your usage environment.


After you find the ambient brightness number, you can find the appropriate wattage in the list below based on your projection distance.

Figure 1:

5-10 feet = 20w   10-15 feet = 30w  15-20 feet = 40w

Figure 2:

5-10 feet = 20w   10-15 feet = 30w  15-20 feet = 40w

Figure 3:

5-10 feet = 30w   10-15 feet = 40w  15-20 feet = 60w

Figure 4:

5-10 feet = 30w   10-15 feet = 40w  15-20 feet = 60w

Figure 5:

5-10 feet = 30w   10-15 feet = 40w  15-20 feet = 80w

Figure 6:

5-10 feet = 30w   10-12 = 40w  12-15 = 60w   15-20 feet = 150w

The above is a reference wattage. Projectors with higher wattage will undoubtedly have clearer results. In environments outside the scope of the above list, please contact us.

Regarding Logo patterns, we usually divide them into two types, Logo Only and Logo with white background. Please refer to the picture below.


Patterns with a white background will have stronger contrast than Logo Only.

In addition, bright colors will have better effects, such as yellow.

Hope this article can help you choose a projector, if you have any questions about projectors and Gobo, please feel free to send us an email(


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