About high power projectors

by LiYaoyang on September 27, 2023

About high power projectors

High-power projectors are generally used in long-distance (more than 30 feet) indoor environments (warehouses, large conference halls, etc.) or outdoor environments that require large-size logos (projected onto buildings).

In an outdoor environment, we generally only recommend using it at dusk or night. The projected pattern cannot be exposed to direct sunlight.

In general, the projection distance is 40-100 feet, we recommend a 240w or 300w projector.


The indoor environment is sometimes brighter, so we usually need customers to send pictures of the scene first.

In the projection distance is about 35 feet, if there is sufficient sunlight on site, we generally recommend 300w and White background Logo.



If it is a large conference room, the projection distance is about 25 feet.

Either 240w or 300w can be used, but there is no doubt that 300w will be better.


If you need a longer projection distance and a larger logo in indoor, you may need 600w.

But please note that 600w will produce huge heat dissipation noise compared to other projectors.

The picture below shows the projection effect of 600w at a distance of 60 feet.


Regarding the selection of high-wattage projectors, we recommend sending on-site pictures and designs to our email address (Support@Gobosign.com) first.

After receiving your design, we will recommend a projector for you, provide samples and quote.


Thank you again, Gobosign